We love helping our clients learn about the carpet repair business and helping them make an informed decision about their carpet repair needs and what it entails.  Here are the frequent questions we get from our clients:

Does my furniture need to be moved to re-stretch my carpet?

The quick answer is yes. All weight needs to be removed from your carpet for it to stretch correctly. Any pressure on your carpet will create stress points and cause your carpet to wrinkle and ripple.

I have a hole in my carpet. How do you fix it?

We keep remnant pieces of carpet in our work truck for this exact reason. We call this a “permanent section” in industry jargon. What we do with this permanent section is we carefully remove the damaged section of carpet and replace it with the new “permanent section” that blends in seamlessly with the existing carpet.

My pet damaged a small spot on my carpet. Can I buy a new piece from the local hardware store and have it installed?

 While you can do this, we do not recommend it because the odds of finding the same carpet that matches what is in your home right now is slim to none. You might even find the same carpet, but since residential carpet is made in a dye lot with slightly different color variations, you may end up having the same carpet with two different colors. This is something that you do not want as this will stand out like a sore thumb.

We highly recommend using a piece of original remnant carpet that you may have around your home or sourced from a location such as a closet for example.

After my repair will it be noticeable to my guest or me?

Our goal when we repair your carpet is to provide you with a seamless repair that is undetectable to the naked eye. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee 100% that it will not be noticeable to anyone.  How easily a repair is detected depends on a variety of factors such as:

The condition of the existing carpet
Where the damage and repair is located
Availability of original remnant carpet to use during repair

Carpet repair is much more cost effective than replacing your carpet, and for this reason, we always tell our clients “ Don’t replace it, repair it”!