Rug Repair

Researching your options before trusting a company with your rug is a wise and prudent decision. Trusting the wrong rug repair company could ultimately end up costing more than you expected or irreparably damage your rug.

When figuring out whom to trust with your rug the best thing that you can do is to inquire about certifications, track record with other customers and the overall work ethic of the company repairing your rug.

We hold all relevant rug repair certifications needed to repair your rug professionally and we also provide detailed information about what needs to be done to restore your rug before we touch a fiber. When your rug is with us, it will receive the 5-star treatment from beginning to end.  Expect nothing but the best from Tacoma Carpet Repair.

Please contact us today at 253-499-5073 to learn more about our rug repair service or to schedule your appointment. We look forward to serving you.